“All the words from the poem are right in the dictionary. You just need to master the

technique of putting them together”

My work researches the human conflict and its obsession with territory. I’m

building a puzzle which represents the cultural evolution both in Russia and in Israel. As

an observer, I find interest in the changes that society goes through, both in times of

struggle and in everyday life. My work stretches between Russia and Israel, as two

places I simultaneously live in. In Russia I have memories of my childhood, while Israel

provides me with the prominent ability to see the change, as I sense it on a daily basis.

I am attentive to the world around me, searching for bridges that will connect the two

parallel worlds in which I live in. While concurrently, I attempt to create those bridges.

Both the historical and the social paths in my work are profoundly important. We

live in a very socially connected community , therefore I am obligated to serve the


As an artist who exhibits his work , I find it important to create a conversation with the

viewer. As it’s important for myself not only to research and evaluate the surrounding ,

but to contribute to it as well. It is a known fact that there is no right way to look at

things, however, I believe that there is a unique connection between people and

objects. A connection that conceives new opportunities, new ideas.


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